Unlock the ultimate emotional well-being experience for kids, crafted with parents at the heart!

Emotional coping tools at your fingertips.

Build the skills you need to help your child understand feelings, handle all emotions, and nurture their emotional well-being.

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“How can I help my child regulate their emotions if I don’t know how to regulate my own?” -Mom of a 6-year-old

In early childhood, developing emotional coping skills is vital. We offer essential resources: a "calm down" audio for parents, supportive stories about emotions, and a science-based parent education center.

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How will this app revolutionize your family's emotional well-being?

  • Watch your child embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery alongside our beloved character, Oli.
  • With Oli as their guide, kids will effortlessly master essential skills such as deep breathing, body scanning, mindfulness, and meditation.
  • Our captivating audiobooks and mini-story books, equip you with the perfect language to navigate your child's emotions with confidence and compassion.
  • You will feel more in control of your own emotions by listening to our Parent Reset audio in moments when you want to lose your cool.
  • Simplify bedtime with our meditation apps for easier sleep, including a fear-of-darkness solution for night awakenings.
Emotional support for children goes beyond mindfulness and meditation. It encompasses equipping them with skills, tools, and a nurturing home environment. When children feel emotionally safe to express themselves, research shows it safeguards their future mental health.

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Wondergrade is so much fun! This app gives me lots of tools to use when I need to help my kids calm-down, focus, or de-stress.
Mom of 2
Wondergrade is the parenting tool I didn't realize I needed and was missing until it came into my life! I'm so happy my children have tools to regulate stressful times.
Mom of 6 and 9 yr-olds
The Wondergrade app is a must-have in our emotional skills toolbox!
Dr. Muller
Mom of 2
This app seems like it was create specifically for my kids and their struggles. It is so helpful and easy to use. Plus fun!
Mom of 3, 6, and 8 yr-olds
As both a child therapist and mom, I’ve been waiting for an app like this!
Angie, LCSW
Mom of 2

Download the app and try for free!

Try Wondergrade free for 14 days!
Then just $4.99/mo or $39.99/year after your trial.

Meet Oli, a calm down pal for both you and your child.

Oli is a trusty companion who brings the Wondergrade activities to life and brings calm and nurture to both kid and parents alike.

Supporting Children's Cancer Association

Wondergrade is proud to support CCA and the families they serve by offering free access to the Wondergrade app and library of kids mindfulness activities.

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