Tools to help your kids (and you) manage big feelings
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Help your family build a healthy relationship with their feelings and each other.

Wondergrade helps kids learn how to work through tricky emotions and helps their parents know how to support them.

Feel equipped to nurture your kid's emotional development.

Be a positive emotional role model for your kids
Tools to manage parenting emotions like overwhelm, anger, and frustration.

Be a safe haven for all your kid's big feelings
Step-by-step guides to helping your child through big feelings while staying calm.
The tools your family needs for a healthier relationship with their feelings- and each other.
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Oli gives your kids a fun way to manage not-so-fun emotions. Let Oli help your kids:

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Wondergrade is so much fun! This app gives me lots of tools to use when I need to help my kids calm-down, focus, or de-stress.
Mom of 2
Wondergrade is the parenting tool I didn't realize I needed and was missing until it came into my life! I'm so happy my children have tools to regulate stressful times.
Mom of 6 and 9 yr-olds
The Wondergrade app is a must-have in our emotional skills toolbox!
Dr. Muller
Mom of 2
This app seems like it was create specifically for my kids and their struggles. It is so helpful and easy to use. Plus fun!
Mom of 3, 6, and 8 yr-olds
As both a child therapist and mom, I’ve been waiting for an app like this!
Angie, LCSW
Mom of 2