Wondergrade in the Classroom

Incorporate exercises from the app into social-emotional learning lessons or with individual students.
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Wondergrade + Lesson Plans

For a more focused approach, use our lesson plans which incorporate best practices and common core standards. Our units are geared toward pre-K-5 and can be used as a stand-alone SEL unit or in conjunction with an existing unit.

Your tool for a calmer classroom and more confident, resilient, and emotionally equipped kids.

Kids are dealing with more stress, anxiety, and pressure than ever. However, coping skills don't always come naturally to children, nor does every child respond to the same coping skill.
The Wondergrade Lesson Plans teach various skills to help kids calm down and self-regulate. To engage different types of learners, our lessons use several different methods, increasing the chance each child will find a skill that works for them.

About the Lesson Plan

  • Meets current standards for SEL, specifically self-management and social skills standards
  • Highly visual, engaging, and memorable content
  • No additional training is required - teachers can use our scripting and lesson plans as they see fit with guidance on how to phrase and pace lessons with the option to customize them to fit their classroom needs
  • Keep parents involved and help kids continue learning at home with ready-to-send weekly email updates
  • Materials can be added to a classroom calm-down corner
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Lesson Plan Contents

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  • 4 weeks of content with 16 total units
  • Lesson plans with scripting and options for modification
  • A “quick” version for use as a warm-up or supplemental activity with SEL units
  • Supplemental activities such as coloring pages
  • Access to the Wondergrade App activities for classroom use
  • Coupon codes for parents who want to purchase the app for home use
  • Parent communication materials
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