Building our children’s emotion regulation skills is a family venture.

Alongside your child learning to build emotional regulation skills, you will dive into your past to learn or unlearn your own skills and work towards being an emotionally well family!

Teaching kids coping skills at a young age can have a significant impact on how they learn to manage stress for the rest of their lives.

Whether your child is thriving or struggling emotionally, teaching them ways to handle life’s difficult moments in healthy ways from the start helps them form the foundation to grow into confident, resilient adults.


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Practice daily with habit-forming tools and tips

As the parent, you can use the app with your kids, or remind them of the skills they've learned in moments of stress, fear, and discomfort like:

  • Before bed
  • During transitions between tasks or activities
  • At mealtimes
  • In the car
  • At school
  • At doctors’ appointments
  • And more!

Why Kids Love Us

  • Animated calm-down tools
  • Meditations for worry, resilience, and sleep
  • Affirmations for positive self-talk and growth mindset
  • Animated imaginative deep breathing exercises
  • Interactive Mindfulness Activities for focus
  • Mindful Movement and Brain Breaks

Why Parents Love Us

  • Calm-down tools on the go
  • Application tips for each exercise
  • Articles explaining the “why” behind the activities
  • Playlists based on common family routines
  • Toolbox to quickly access your child's favorite tools in a moment of crisis

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