“All children need a safe space to express their emotions but before we give them a safe space, we need to help parents create one for themselves”
Dr. Cindy Hovington, Ph.D.
Wondergrade Co-Fonder

About Wondergrade

At Wondergrade, we are driven by a simple but ambitious vision:
A world in which every child has a caregiver that nurtures the development of their emotional well-being. 

We know that for this vision to come to be, parents, as well as kids, need help to learn emotion regulation skills and unlearn what they were exposed to during their childhood. With that in mind, we create content, products, and services that empower both parents and kids and nurture and support every family's emotional well-being. 

About Kristi and Cindy

Wondergrade is the outcome of two women with a shared determination to give all kids the opportunity to develop skills for a lifetime of emotional well-being, and a shared passion for supporting and empowering a new generation of parents dedicated to doing the brave work of parenting in a different way than they were raised. 

Kristi Coppa is a mom of two (6 and 8), a former oncology nurse, and kids yoga and mindfulness teacher. Kristi is a native of the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband, girls, and St. Bernard, Sampson. She loves doing just about anything outside and spends most weekends hiking, camping, wine tasting, or romping around the coast with her crew. 

Dr. Cindy Hovington is a Canadian mom of 3 (ages 3, 5, and 7) with a doctorate in neuroscience from McGill University. For almost a decade, she has been sharing the science of parenting and child development with parents to help them create the best possible environment for their kids. In addition to being the co-founder of Wondergrade, Cindy is the founder and owner of Curious Neuron and the Curious Neuron Podcast. If she ever gets a quiet moment, you'll find Cindy reading nerdy non-fiction books, taking an evening walk around her neighborhood, or meeting a pal on the patio for lunch.