For Providers

Help clients learn, internalize and use healthy coping tools independently to manage stress, anxiety, and anger.

Why Wondergrade:
  • Research-backed
  • Age-appropriate
  • Affordable and easy to recommend-not billed through insurance
  • Accessible: modifications and adaptions, captions, gentle colors, and sounds
  • Digital activities perfect for virtual sessions
  • Builds skills: bilateral movement, self-regulation, breathing techniques, and more

Pairs Well with Your Practice

As healthcare and mental health providers, you are often the first place parents turn for support in helping their kids manage difficult emotions, cope with change, improve sleep, and build healthier habits.

Wondergrade provides tangible, research-backed tools you can feel confident using in your practice or recommending to parents looking for help managing stress and anxiety in their young kids.

Wondergrade provides a great opportunity for learning and practice across multiple settings as kids can continue practice at home after sessions.

Wondergrade is great for:
  • Therapists: behavior, occupational, speech, physical, etc
  • School-based providers and special education teachers
  • Health care providers: pediatricians, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others

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